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After finding Niche then you will have to design clothes for up to Teespring,Revamply Review & Bonus you do not have to hire good designers on Fiverr or ask a friend, someone design, hire someone in Vietnam in designing, ... I you hire a design in Vietnam for the Vietnamese nonetheless easy to talk to each other as well as easy to talk about your requirements than rent on Fiverr, because his English is not good for much guillotine.
Some simple form, the design yourself and do not worry simple form will not be sold. Please look up Teeview, teescover will find a wealth of simple visual patterns of selling several hundred units, mainly content on the shirt is.
Essential tool for design: Photoshop. The use of Photoshop do not say here, you have to learn on the network. if you are not good at Photoshop, learn slowly, splash bar slowly, using enough to design clothing is not difficult, so you should not be discouraged, and if you do not have enough ability to design as your lease, you have above, you can rent at a cheap rate or Fiverr oDesk prices but the quality of the pages of foreign rental, you are very concerned about the exchange, did not know how to say it best fit you should get one designer in Vietnam.
The example below is 1 shirt for his people, who are US veterans, currently sold over 10k on Teespring shirt, a dreadful figure
Your design must make the wearer feel proud, or simply a fun saying on one particular niche studied above,Revamply Review & Bonus and your design should be unique, not in touch. You can design clothes with:
Text Only: Only text, no picture, word, you can find beautiful fonts at: to add to your shirt
Text and Image: The letters both form (Recommended), your body is the image on Google search related to your design, do not grab the attention of the company logo, trademark infringement and you will be taken shirt.
Only Image: Only image
After the design is complete you will up your template to follow the instructions in section B we have presented!
Some attention when uploading your design to:
You should design shirt with 1-4 colors: because when you set up multiple color when printing on prices will increase by the number of colors in your clothing, the more color in the higher price means that if you want to benefit high returns, you have to sell clothes at high prices under, customers sometimes look high prices will not want to buy it. And if you upload more than 10 colors, the design will deny that your Teespring not upload.
Absolutely do not use the logo of the company to design on the shirt, Revamply Review & Bonus so would violate your Trademark and shirt will be taken down after 1 day teespring
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