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Viral Mobilio Review & Bonus

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Please do not try putting on an Viral Mobilio Review  accent when speaking to camera! It won’t work :) (Trust me on this one… experience is a heck of a teacher!)
So when you’ve scripted the video and ordered your voiceover, what accent voiceover artist should you go for? Well, our tests show that it is best to use a UK accent where possible.
The Results
On average UK accents saw a 34.13% increase in click through rates over a US accent.
And these numbers held across different countries too – the UK accent even outperformed the US accent when promoting the videos in the US! So if you have an animated video, you may want to test out some different accents & see what works best for you!
Tom Breeze is founder of video advertising agency, Viewability, building thousands of video ad campaigns for clients from many industries across the world, testing and tracking all of the results. Tom also educates business owners and marketing teams at with the goal to inspire more marketers to get into, build and optimize video ads. Make sure you download Tom’s 75 min presentation speaking to Viral Mobilio Review  over 600 business owners in London giving a video ads masterclass. Download the whole thing instantly by simply clicking this link and registering your details.

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Viral Mobilio Review-$40000 Bonus & Discount 
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